Saturday, September 02, 2006

    Post-Colonial Youth Ministry

    I just stumbled upon this post on the notion of "post-colonial" youth ministry by a blogger in Australia. Interesting stuff, and follows right along the thread of thought that our work in youth ministry is not to "make teens into Christians" or convert them to Christianity. We can leave the transformation up to the holy spirit, which I admittedly believe is found only within community with others. Like the missionaries of olden times hubristicly believing they were "bringing God" to places where God surely had already been present since the beginning of time, so likewise who are we to think that because we are older or "wiser," we are in a position to bring Jesus to teenagers. Does age have something to do with the depth of one's spirituality? Not in my experience. I've met children more in tune with the Spirit than many adults I know and I've certainly encountered young people who had a deeper sense of God's call on their lives than I felt at the time. This gets back to my thinking that my work in youth ministry is less to teach kids that "Jesus is the way" than it is to help them learn more about how they can live out "the way of Jesus" in their lives.


    Ancient Clown said...

    Hello my brothers & sisters in Jesus:
    First..just a small note concerning the thought; "We can leave the transformation up to the holy spirit, which I admittedly believe is found only within community with others."
    I wish to remind ALL of us here what Jesus said about praying to GOD;
    It would be better for you to lock yourself in a closet and pray in secret with all of your heart, than to posture with others.
    Please, choose NOT to be offended by this, nor to take it personally, when I say the church has corrupted the teachings of Christ.
    Jesus did come to glorify himself, but to teach us how to live by GOD's LAW, and I think you personally understand this by your last comments.
    'Jesus IS the way' and the reason he said in order to get to GOD you had to go through him, was because he has stood in the council of The ALMIGHTY CREATOR, while he was STILL alive.
    The CORE of his teaching is, so can you. This is a TRUTH I have felt to the VERY core of my being because that is where I followed Jesus when I was called...all the way to GOD.

    I have said on a few occasions; " not follow your parents, for they have been lied to and mislead and would do the same to you.
    Parents..follow your children, for they shall lead you back to GOD."

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    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown