Monday, October 23, 2006

    I Survived "Jesus Camp"

    Paige Ferrari reviews the film and shares a light-hearted perspective on life as a former Jesus Camper:

    Try to sleep well, rattled latte drinkers and Huffington Posters. Sure, evangelism is on the rise and sales of Christian books and music have soared by 700 percent in the last decade. But, if there is a rising army of evangelical zealots, there's an equally large army of ex-Jesus Campers who burned out, rebelled, or simply left the fold because band camp sounded more appealing. We may not be able to lift bans on stem cell research, but we do have inside information. Should the rapture come, we will gladly teach you the words to the "God told Noah to build him an Ark-y Ark-y" song.

    Our youth group went to see the film yesterday and we had a really great conversation about it afterwards. The content generated lots of questions and concerns from the youth, many of whom did not even know that evangelical or fundamentalist Christianity existed. Maybe we need to take a field trip to the local mega-church!