Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    "Loopy" Youth

    Chuckk Gerwig at the blog Sacred Digital has some interesting things to say about an approach to (youth) ministry that is "loopy" instead of linear:

    The incoming generation is less linear and more LOOPY; I believe ministry gatherings should take this into consideration and allow for more choice and more creativity on the part of the attender. People often get much more out of a service or event when they choose to pray, think, read and express their faith than when they are being “program-ed” from point A to point B in a linear minute by minute fashion.

    Chuckk offers some suggestions for how one might use this "loopy" approach with worship and with fellowship activities. On the face of it, I think he's on to something here. Providing choice encourages participants to take ownership of their spiritual journey and might allow more spontaneity of the Spirit within the gathered community. On the other hand, might this approach just be promoting the cult of the individual consumer that so permeates our culture? Chuckk answers this question by suggesting that even in events that allow individual choice, the community still gathers at the end to name and share their experiences. This loopy approach might push some of us "control freaks" out of our comfort zones and I think that is always a good thing.