Friday, November 10, 2006

    The Church You Know

    The Church You Know appears to be a relatively new website that takes an honest but humorous look at the traditional church and some of its shortcomings (and God knows it has plenty of those!). I especially appreciate the faux-promo video shorts that deal with the ironic and sometimes hypocritical side of such issues as church attendance, tithing, worship styles, and the ubiquitous WWJD? Oh, and who wouldn't want one of their "Body of Christ" t-shirts (though, in my experience, the youth minister usually ranks even a little lower in the anatomy!).

    From the site:
    We are not really promoting a specific church structure or model (house church, simple church etc.). Our passion is to see people come into the freedom, joy and peace of intimate relationship with Jesus and fellow members of His Body. We realize this can happen within literally any of the structures or systems found under the umbrella of Christendom. At the same time, we believe most of the systems and structures create stumbling blocks to this goal of relationship with Christ and His Body – and these are what we hope to draw attention to.