Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    More Creative Worship

    It's always encouraging to see young people become engaged with the practice of worship. As part of our Advent study, we invited youth to create a worship experience based on an idea I came across in this blog by Chuckk Gerwig.
    Students were divided up into groups and each group was encouraged to create a worship center focused on a particular Advent theme and related scripture. After giving them time to brainstorm and create, the groups met in our chapel and set up their worship centers. Everyone was then invited to visit each center at their leisure, and no particular order, and experience what had been created by the various groups. One center focused on all the food we consume this time of year juxtaposed with the issue of hunger in the world. The center was made up of stacks of food packages and cans. Students were invited to read the accompanying scripture and devotional (written by one of the youth, with photos and world hunger facts) and then use a post-it note to leave behind their thoughts or reactions by sticking them on the food packages. Other centers focused on music, sculpting responses with clay, a giant interactive Advent calendar, and a graffiti-type wall for leaving thoughts and ideas. We concluded the evening with a group prayer. I'd actually love to create an experience like this for our Sunday morning worship, though it would of course require a little more advance planning.