Tuesday, January 02, 2007


    Happy New Year. Thought I'd start things off with a somewhat unusual post, written by somebody else! Recently, a young person involved in my youth ministry posted a note on his Facebook page that received a lot of attention. After chatting with him about it, he agreed to let me share it with others, anonymously, as a sort of honest window into the mind of an adolescent. After some hesitation, I decided to go ahead and post it here, as I think it has something to offer those of us who work with and care for the youth of our churches. It also speaks to the way on-line "places" like Facebook seem to be offering opportunities for young people to speak their minds, try on different personas, and let the rawness of their thoughts have free reign, for better or ill. Here is what he wrote:

    What defines somebdoy as being a "loser?"

    a loser is somebody who. . . .
    doesnt drink on the weekends with friends
    doesnt have a matching shirt with their shoes
    stutters in front of girls when asking them on a date
    doesnt defend themselves when they're made fun of
    wears a jacket because of the person who gave it to you
    A Loser is somebody who. . . .
    doesnt have a girlfriend for more than 2 months.
    sits by the phone, hoping somebody will call
    thinks that girls are out of his league
    wishes for a personality other than his
    wishes he could have somebody to love
    A Loser is somebdoy who. . .
    has a stepfather and a father, neither that smile or hug
    interacts with his little sisters, instead of his weight training
    has never been told "you're intellegent, smart, and capable" by a guy
    joins the military to make his father proud
    finds out he still thinks your a fag
    A loser is somebody who. . . .
    doesnt lose his virginity by senior year
    hasnt tried smoking at least twice
    buzzes his own hair because he's so ashamed
    lies to his friends, so that they still embrace you as one
    find out theres more to friendship than being cool
    A loser is somebody who thinks his friends have left him, when they were there the entire time.. . . . I'm a loser