Saturday, February 17, 2007

    All in the Family

    We are struggling in our youth ministry program to find a way to reconnect the parents of our youth into the life of the church. Many have become somewhat disengaged and, for some, dropping their youth off at church on Sunday nights is as close as they get to worship. So, I love this idea offered at the excellent Emerging Minister site. It would be a great way to invite and involve parents in an evening worship service during youth group:

    We had a cool service last Wednesday night I thought I would share. We started by dividing everyone into 10 groups... we have an all ages congregation so this was old folks and toddlers all together. Next, each group was given 15 minutes to create something to present as an act of worship. The 10 we had were (and be creative here... a lot of these we chose because we were short on time and the prep was easy.. with more prep, you could be more clever) puppet show, drama, poetry, songwriting, sculpture, finger painting, felt board (yes, felt board), breadmaking (for communion), pen and ink sketch, and responsive reading. Then, we had about a 45 minute worship time planned with music and in between songs, we had each group come forward and present their worship.