Thursday, February 08, 2007

    Photo Scavenger Hunt

    I mentioned recently the idea of doing a photo scavenger hunt that involves taking more meaningful photos than "your whole group standing in someone's shower" (though, admittedly, I have used that one before and it does make for a good pic -- see below how I'm still able to sneak in this idea). Here are some more suggestions for doing a more thoughtful version of this type of activity:

    THE GREAT POLAROID SCAVENGER HUNTTHIS IS NOT A RACE! This is a challenge of your CREATIVITY and community-building gifts! Use your camera and film to create as many images of the list of items below as possible. Yes, you may combine more than one item into one photo! Each photo must utilize at least two members of your team and everyone must appear in at least one photo. Keep it legal and don’t be a public nuisance! Upon your return to the church, affix your photos to a piece of poster board and provide a caption for each image. Be as creative as you like with your photos and have fun! Photo options include:
    • An ad for Christianity
    • Hugging a stranger(s)
    • The beauty of creation
    • An image of generosity
    • An image of joy
    • A person in the church who has influenced your faith journey.
    • An image of John 13:34 -"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”
    • Singing “Jesus Loves Me” to a minister from another church
    • An image of a real random act of kindness
    • Buying a snack for someone who is at work
    • An image of peace
    • A scripture from the Bible (someplace other than a Bible!)
    • An image of togetherness with your entire group squeezed into a small space
    • Pumping someone else’s gas
    • The Garden of Eden
    • An image of some problem in the world today
    • An image of your group with another church youth group
    • Your entire group upside down (like the way Jesus saw the world upside down from the way most people do)
    • An image of Jesus
    • An image of diversity
    • An image of Matthew 25: 40: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you did for me.”
    • A Christian symbol (not on a church!)
    • Washing each other’s feet.


    Travel Mug said...

    Thanks for these ideas! I've been planning to do a photo scavenger hunt with my youth group this weekend but I was having problems coming up with ideas. These are great ways to connect the scavenger hunt back to church.

    Good Shepherd Youth said...

    Amazing and Inspiring ideas! Thank you!

    K.E.R.K. BFF!!!!!!!! said...

    these are really good ideas!!! thanx:)

    Allison said...

    hey these are great ideas...i also was having a hard time coming up with ideas for a photo scavenger hunt and I think it's great that you're finding ways to connect fun events for the youth to Biblical ideas and seeing God at work in the world.