Monday, February 19, 2007

    What is Your Theological Worldview?

    According to this quiz, I'm emergent-Postmodern! Who would have thought? Guess I have to stop calling myself a liberal. How do you rate?

    My results:

    You scored as Emergent/Postmodern.
    You are Emergent/Postmodern in your theology.
    You feel alienated from older forms of church,
    you don't think they connect to modern culture very well.
    No one knows the whole truth about God, and we have much
    to learn from each other, and so learning takes place in dialogue.
    Evangelism should take place in relationships rather than
    through crusades and altar-calls. People are interested in
    spirituality and want to ask questions, so the church should
    help them to do this.



    Modern Liberal


    Classical Liberal


    Roman Catholic


    Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan


    Neo orthodox




    Reformed Evangelical




    What's your theological worldview?
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    Benjer said...

    I took the bait and took the test. At the risk of turning a fun little excersize into something a bit too serious, I'd like to point out that many of the statements with which a participant is presented represent false dichotomies. Take, for example, "There is little or no human element in the Bible, it is a divine book." This statement excludes believing it is both divine and contains human elements (and choosing halfway between "agree" and "disagree" is not a satisfying response!).

    Since I seem to be going on and on, I've posted on the topic on my own blog if any are interested.

    youthminister66 said...

    Benjer, good critique. Someone else pointed out to me that some of the questions were hard to answer as they didn't allow for a more nuanced response. In fact, I think the reason I probably came out "postmodern" was because I was so middle of the road on many of the questions. And you cite a good example: I see the Bible as human and divine, but there was no option for that. Thanks for posting.

    Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

    I think I find myself in agreement as well. Too often as I took my spin at at (I've posted my results on my blog)I ended up splitting the difference -- which is probably why I ended up emergent/postmodern. I was surprised that evangelical holiness was the second grouping for me. I guess my pedigree is still with me -- or maybe again it was my choosing too often the middle offering. Fortunately I only scored 4% fundamentalist -- and I'm wondering about that!