Friday, March 16, 2007

    Low Expectations

    There is an interesting discussion going on over at the Life in Student Ministry blog on the low expectations we set for youth in our programs and how this often translates into church being at the bottom of their list of priorities. One poster's response seems to sum up the problem:

    What I am saying [is] that other things -school, sports, other religions often articulate better than we as Christian youth workers do as to WHY they [our youth] should make their relationship with Christ or our youth ministry a priority. If there is no WHY, then Christianity is just another one of the many things to compete with the time that’s left over. Part of our job is conveying the WHY to their parents as well.


    Danny said...

    My perspective is of a country pastor who preaches to the "oldtimers" every week, and who also tries to run a youth program, and I find that I have to work HARDER to plan the youth events than I do the Sunday morning worship. If my sermon is just mediocre, if the morning worship as a whole is only so-so, most of the old-timers will come anyway, out of a sense of loyalty. And they feel good about coming, whether or not worship itself is good. Youth, on the other hand, demand quality. If youth ministry is mediocre or has no depth, they'll tell you flat out, "this is stupid," and they'll find something else to fill their time. I'm not saying that the old-timers don't deserve quality & depth, but youth ministry MUST have it---the best we can give. Otherwise, it will seem to them that there's no point in coming, and they'll be right.