Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    New and Improved...

    More than the look of this blog has changed in the last few days. I'm happy to welcome aboard a new youth minister who will be co-authoring this site along with me. Jacob is a youth pastor in Columbia, Missouri and a colleague of mine from seminary. The benefits of adding Jacob's voice to this conversation will be many. Jacob pastors a fairly large youth ministry while mine is fairly small. Jacob is in his late twenties -- I'm 40. Jacob serves in a small but cosmopolitan college town. I serve in a rather heterogeneous suburb of St. Louis. We both share a passion for the future of youth ministry within the Church and both feel the sort of churches we pastor should be making a greater effort to think intentionally and theologically about the role of youth ministry. Do we agree on everything? No, but that's what keeps the conversation interesting and we hope you will chose to be a part of it, too.