Thursday, March 08, 2007

    Revisiting "10 ?'s Every Intelligent Xian Must Answer"

    Benjer, a youth minister and seminary student, has posted a response to the "Ten Questions Every Intelligent Christian Must Answer" video with a thoughtful dissection of some of the logical fallacies in the video's arguments. It's definitely worth checking out. He takes on some of the questions posed by the video and challenges readers to tackle the others. Anyone up for the challenge?


    Booker's Rambles said...

    Isn't part of the problem that we let other people ask the questions and frame the debate (in the way they create these straw men to knock down) rather than dealing with the problems of faith head on?

    I think those of us who work with young people need be helping them face the tough questions before they meet them outside, otherwise they will respond by saying 'they never said anything about that at church' and assume it was because we had nothing to say.

    Anyone who has walked the way of Christ for a few years knows there are times of pain and tears alongside the joy. Times we wonder what we are doing and if God has forgotten us...just read the Palsms to see David shared the same questions.

    I can't help but feel that the problem is we don't prepare our kids for that side of faith, We tell them about joy and new life and let them find the other side out for themselves.

    We need to teach our young people to challenge their own faith and to know its not all walking on sunshine...then the 10 questions might not be such a threat.