Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    Breaking Down Barriers

    Heard on the news this morning something I would describe as "Easter hope." Students in Ashburn, Georgia, ending long-held tradition, are planning their first integrated prom.

    Breaking from tradition, high school students in this small town are getting together for this year's prom. Prom night at Turner County High has long been an evening of de facto segregation: white students organized their own unofficial prom, while black students did the same.
    This year's group of seniors didn't want that legacy. When the four senior class officers two whites and two blacks met with Principal Chad Stone at the start of the school year, they had more on their minds than changes to the school's dress code. They wanted a school-sponsored prom. They wanted everyone invited. On April 21, they'll have their wish. The town's auditorium will be transformed into a tropical scene, and for the first time, every junior and senior, regardless of race, will be invited to an official prom.

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