Friday, April 27, 2007

    Gone Fishin'...

    The title of this post has a double meaning, I suppose. I am, in a sense, about to be "gone fishin'" as I head off for a weekend retreat with my youth to a campgrounds in Illinois. This will be a much needed time for our group to do some bonding and focusing on what it means to be a community that invites others in.

    In another sense, I've had the phrase "gone fishin'" on my mind today as I continue to celebrate the great teamwork displayed by the young adult ministry I serve as they led a fantastic example of creative worship last Sunday. Using the story of the resurrected Christ having breakfast on the beach with the disciples, the young adults designed an outdoor service that simulated having a meal on the beach. Worshippers sat on the ground in a large circle on blankets, with a sandbox in the center where the children were invited to play throughout the service. Guitar music carried on the theme of fishing and water, as did collecting the offering in giant sea shells. The message was focused on ways in which we encounter Christ in our daily lives and worshippers were invited to dialogue with each other and the speaker throughout the message. Finally, communion was an actual meal, shared together as we enjoyed the fresh air, sound of birds, smell of grass, and the blessings of community.


    Randy said...

    I get hungry – physically and spiritually – just reading about it.