Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    Seeking Silence

    Last Sunday night, I wasn’t sure what to expect for youth group. Most of us, including myself, had been out of town for spring break. I always find it a little hard to adjust to the normal swing of things after vacation. I’ve also noticed that once you get out of rhythm, it takes the youth a little time to adjust as well.

    So, I was a little concerned that my topic of the night dealt with silence and ways in which we can listen for the voice of God. The youth that I work with are constantly surrounded by noise: i-pods, cell phones, televisions, stereos, and x-boxes. When there is an absence of noise, they start to become uncomfortable.

    Nonetheless, after spending some time just hanging out and playing games, we watched a NOOMA video by Rob Bell entitled, “Noise.” In this short clip, Rob Bell suggests that there is a connection between the amount of noise in our lives and our inability to listen to God. He also asks if, when we have a problem (which we all do daily), we spend as much time listening to God as we do talking about the problem with others.

    Once the video was over, I asked the youth to spend three minutes with me in complete silence. This wasn’t a problem for either the younger or older youth.

    As we sat on the floor of the youth center, which is the original sanctuary, and listened to the walls creak and the air conditioner hum (yes, it was warm on Sunday), I gave thanks to God that I am surrounded by youth who, at least when asked, our comfortable shutting down the noise in their life and seeking out, in silence, a relationship with Christ.