Thursday, April 19, 2007

    Virginia Tech and Your Youth

    If you are still thinking about how to engage the feelings, fears, and confusion of your youth over the deaths this week at the Virginia Tech campus, Disciples of Christ pastor Randy Kuss has made available a (pdf) resource he initially developed to help students cope with the Columbine shootings and he has now adapted it for use to deal with the recent events. Entitled "Steps Toward a Process of Living After the Gunfire," Randy's discussion guide provides a sensitive way of helping youth struggle with their questions and concerns.

    Some of his questions include:
    • As you think about the Virginia Tech shootings (and similar incidents?) what do you learn about people?

    • What songs (or movies?) come to mind as you think about the Virginia Tech shootings? What do you hear from them?

    • What phrases or stories from the Bible come to mind? What do you hear from them?

    • What would you like to say to or do with or for the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings?

    Related resources can be found here at the STEP (Student Ecumenical Partnership National Network) website.

    (Randy Kuss was the national youth ministry leader for the Disciples of Christ from 1995-2003. He is currently Director of Christian education and Youth Ministry at Speedway Christian Church in Indianapolis as well as leader of God @ Center youth leader retreats, based in part on his work with the Youth Ministry and Spirituality Project.)