Thursday, May 03, 2007

    The Blessings of Youth Ministry

    I was reminded during our youth group retreat this past weekend how great it can be to be in ministry with teenagers. We had a really relaxing and hopeful weekend that included doing some service work for the Christian campground where we were staying, paddleboating and canoeing on the lake, singing around a campfire and eating smores, starting each morning with outdoor worship in the midst of the woods and honking geese, sharing meals together, praying together, playing together, and building community. I am really blessed to work with a great bunch of youth and equally blessed with the adult leaders who give a great deal of time to work with our youth, week in and week out. For all the griping we youth ministers might do in order to keep sane, it's important to stop occasionally and be thankful that we have been called to this particular ministry within the Church.