Thursday, May 31, 2007

    Invisible Children

    I recently learned about the Invisible Children campaign through Stuart Delony's excellent blog. The campaign grew out of a documentary made by 3 young men who wanted to do something about the plight of children caught in the middle of the war in Uganda (I have since purchased the documentary to show to my youth group).
    The video above describes one way youth can get involved. The Invisible Children bracelet campaign "is a micro-economic program creating jobs for men and women in an otherwise unemployable war area . . . the Bracelet Campaign allows Ugandans living in displacement camps to hand-make bracelets and generate a much-needed income. Eight different colored bracelets are being made, and each is accompanied by a short film told by an invisible child. Each of these extraordinary stories highlights one of the many ways Northern Ugandans have been affected by this unrelenting war."


    Randy said...

    I learned about Invisible Chidren some months ago but wanted to check it out (there are so many programs to save this or that). With a little research I am all in favor of involvement with Invisible Children!

    I plan to do a couple of Sunday's in the Fall with senior high where, in brief, one Sunday we watch Amazing Grace and talk about how great it is that those guys stood up to fight slavery, how far we have come, etc and then follow it with the Invsible Children the next week and deal wth the reality that slavery is still here and the fight against it must continue.

    Invisible Children said...

    Thans so much for your support of IC! To learn how to get involved with ending the war in northern Uganda, visit