Monday, May 07, 2007

    Party Time

    Last Saturday night was prom. The usual festivities were to be had: tuxedos, dresses, hair appointments, pictures, dinner, drama, and then…the after parties. This year, in an effort to offer an alternative to the traditional prom parties, we hosted an all night party in the youth center. We had games, prizes (there were even two i-pods given away), a bonfire, tons of food, and a good atmosphere. Our adult and high school senior leaders put the entire event together. We were really pleased with the turnout. And this morning, the local newspaper called wanting an interview. The reporter was surprised that the church would sponsor an after-prom party. Why was the reporter surprised? If the church can’t be a safe and welcoming environment for teenagers, where else can they go? I hope we offer similar events in the future. How about you? What events are other churches offering to provide youth with a place they can call their own and look forward to attending?


    Brian said...

    Jacob, I think this is a great idea. I'm sure we all know what many teens are doing late at night after prom every year (much of it happening in motel rooms...sometimes even paid for by parents). I'd much rather have them at church.