Monday, May 07, 2007


    Last Thursday was the National Day of Prayer. Our church sponsored, in the sanctuary, a silent prayer vigil from 5:00-8:00. Individuals were welcome to come at anytime and stay for as long as they want. In an effort to encourage our youth, I offered to buy dinner and dessert (I’m a huge ice cream fan) for anyone who attended. We had six youth join us and pray in silence for forty-five minutes. Then, over dinner (during which I was reminded of Jesus’ table fellowship and ministry), we discussed our experiences and what we thought of the prayer time. I was really pleased with the insights of the youth. It’s clear to me that our youth 1) enjoy silent time; and 2) don’t get enough time to simply be still and listen to God. After reflecting on our conversation, I wondered what it would be like to lead a silent retreat. Has anyone ever done this with youth? We’ve had silence in retreats, but nothing for more than several hours.