Friday, May 11, 2007

    Self-Serve Youth Ministry Blog Dispenser!

    And the Award Goes To: Got a list of those in the news you would consider a Fat Head ("a hot air inflated, blow hard idiot who coincidentally has a fat head")? Jerry Fawell? Michael Moore? Stuart Delony is accepting nominations. Spidey Fans Unite: Check out a good review of Spiderman-3 over at the YouthBlog. Helping Hurting Kids: Steve offers a review of a recent YouthSpecialities event with some helpful info on teens who are "cutters."

    Youth minister Melissa has a great idea for a mission project that students could do to help stop the spread of malaria in Africa. It's Free? Tim offers yet another one of his Freebie Friday give-aways for youthworkers. Everything is Fake! Marko has an interesting video on just how good advertisers are at creating false reality. Cuz the Bible Says So! The Youth Ministry 101 blog has started a conversation on the Post-modern view of biblical truth. Weigh in with your thoughts.