Wednesday, May 02, 2007

    Words of Wisdom

    The truly holy people I've met in my life are really interesting people. They're a mix of the most incredible godliness and at the same time, the most unbelievable earthiness. I know a woman who curses like a sailor, but she's the most holy woman I know. She is! I'm not kidding. We've created this image of what holiness looks like that's just nonsense. Good holy people probably drink too much some times, and have colorful language, and there's plenty of room in the Bible to see people like that. We have to see life for what it is, entirely more complicated then simple. Spirituality is not simple; it's complicated. It gets messy sometimes.

    - Mike Yaconelli


    mark said...

    man i miss mike.

    Da Youth Guy said...

    I met Mike once for about two minutes. Just amazing. His books still excite me in a way few others do.

    Brian said...

    Thanks for your comments! I only knew Mike through his writings and videos of his talks, but his down-to-earth way of ministering within the church continues to influence my own ministry.