Wednesday, June 06, 2007

    The Face of Love

    Several weeks ago, we had our final youth worship for the school year. I really wanted the youth to come away with the idea that when you look into a mirror the reflection you see is the face of God. So, we went to the local craft store, ordered a bunch of mirrors, and asked the youth to decorate the mirrors in a way that reflects their relationship with God. I was really impressed with the creativity of the youth.

    For the message, I spent the entire time sharing different ways I had seen God present during the past school year. When you sit down and write out such lists, it’s amazing at how quickly a page of paper fills up (I’m definitely going to pull this list out the next time I’m having a rough day). Then, at the end of our worship, we watched a slide show choreographed to the song “The Face of Love” by Sanctus Real. We interspersed pictures of the youth with photos of Jesus (I totally stole this idea from Brian). Overall, it was an incredible night. As much as I am ready for summer to begin (and all of the mission trips, summer camps, outreach activities, and fellowship events), I’m a little sad that the school year is over.



    Brian said...

    Cool idea, Jacob. Now I'm going to have to steal this one from you! Welcome back from Europe.