Thursday, June 07, 2007

    Ministry Marketing

    Here is an interesting idea for promoting your youth ministry or mission project. A website called Reactee will print your slogan on a shirt along with a customized keyword that people can text to recieve a personalized text message that offers more info. Say you want to promote your youth group. Your youth could wear shirts that say "Youth Blast Wants You!" followed by "text YOU123 to learn more." When anyone texts that keyword, they recieve your customized text message like "First Church youth group invites you to join us Sunday. Call us 314-XXX-5555." This idea could also be a great way to bring attention to a social cause or mission effort your group is involved in. (Hattip to my brother Barry for passing on this inventive idea.)


    Tim said...

    That's a good idea. Looks like the company is just using TextMarks, though, so you could easily make these t-shirts on your own.

    Brian said...

    Right, Tim. I think the advantage would be for those who want the convenience of someone else producing the shirt, and the ease of simply going to the website and ordering them individually, as needed.

    Thurberdog said...

    I just appreciate getting credit for the find -- it just proves that time spent surfing the web at work can prove to be productive. ;-)