Friday, June 22, 2007

    Self-Serve Youth Ministry Blog Dispenser

    Who's Got Time to Read Blogs? Youth Hacks makes it easy with posts consisting of links to all sorts of helpful articles and resources. I particularly liked this one on using a blog to craft your sermons.

    But is it funny? Stuart has a thing or two to say about the Church and Hollywood's marketing of "Evan Almighty."

    Tell the World! I recently discovered this little treasure trove of youth ministry resources courtesy of the Youth Blog.

    Beyond the Youth Group: Here is a well-written paper exploring ways to integrate youth into the total life of the church (Courtesy of Lev's Blog).

    It's all in a word:
    Find out why this group is changing the way it talks about youth ministry. No more "kids" and no more "leaders."

    All are Welcome?
    Check out this important post on transgendered youth and the Church at tHEOBLOBY .

    As usual, the Stupid Church People blog says it like it is about our "youth ministry hijinks" and sometimes the truth hurts.


    Josh Cook said...

    Thanks for the link! I like your blog alot. Continued success!