Thursday, June 21, 2007

    What if...?

    As I sat on my back patio early this morning, feeling the rising sun on my face, enjoying my bowl of Silk and Honey Nut Shredded Wheat, listening to the birds, watching my dogs race around our little yard, and watching a mother bird feed her babies in a knothole of a tree, I had to wonder, "What more could I need?" Sure, I could work toward a bigger house, a bigger backyard, a nicer car, a better salary, a newer computer, big screen TV.....and on and on. But do I really need any of that? And would any of that really make my life better? When I think of all the people in the world who have so little -- and are happy -- I wonder if we aren't fooling ourselves, crowding our lives with more and more and more. And I wonder that sometimes if we aren't guilty of the same thing in youth ministry. Working toward bigger groups, mission trips to more exotic locations, huge evangelism events in football stadiums, louder and louder rock concerts.... Are we just helping the consumer culture in its abduction of the souls of our youth? What if instead of going bigger and bigger, we went smaller and smaller? Smaller groups, low-key programs, quiet events, smaller budgets? What if we helped our students see that sometimes less really is more? What if we helped our kids find meaning in the simplicity of a quiet hour spent with friends, the sound of birds singing, the satisfaction of a morsel of bread and a sip of wine at the table of communion. What if...