Monday, July 30, 2007


    While on our mission trip, several youth admitted they were struggling with their faith. What quickly became clear was that it was not "faith" they were struggling with, but rather "religion" and the Church as institution. They firmly believed in following the way of Jesus, but they were skeptical that this is what we are asked to do in our churches. I wonder that they might relate to the words of this song:

    I dont need to be a global citizen
    Because Im blessed by nationality
    Im member of a growing populace
    We enforce our popularity
    There are things that
    Seem to pull us under
    And there are things
    That drag us down
    But theres a power
    And a vital presence
    Thats lurking all around
    Weve got the american jesus
    See him on the interstate
    Weve got the american jesus
    He helped build the
    Presidents estate
    I feel sorry
    For the earths population
    cuz so few
    Live in the u.s.a.
    At least the foreigners
    Can copy our morality
    They can visit but they cannot stay
    Only precious few
    Can garner the prosperity
    It makes us walk
    With renewed confidence
    Weve got a place to go when we die
    And the architect resides right here
    Weve got the american jesus
    Overwhelming millions every day
    (exercising his authority)
    Hes the farmers barren fields
    The force the army wields
    The expession in the faces
    Of the starving children
    The power of the man
    Hes the fuel that drives the clan
    Hes the motive and conscience
    Of the murderer
    Hes the preacher on t.v.
    The false sincerity
    The form letter thats written
    By the big computers
    Hes the nuclear bombs
    And the kids with no moms
    And Im fearful that
    Hes inside me


    Brett said...

    This song is important because it ties many different complicatedissues together in a fabric that makes sense, but it doesn't spell it out, you have to think about it. It addresses, Globalization, Nationality, Poverty, Religious power structures, media, basic social problems and war. The song does not blame Christianity alone for these things, but claims that they are a result of a conglomerateion of functionally interrelated elements of society which do create it. The significance of American Jesus is that religion is part of of and protects this superstructe. I find this truth to be inescapable.