Friday, July 13, 2007


    Did you hear that there was a nationwide contest to determine which real "Springfield" would be the site of the premiere of the new "Simpsons" movie? Every city named Springfield was invited to submit a video to show why they should represent the fictional home of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa (oh, and little what's-her-name.) Springfield, Vermont was the winner:

    The winning entry took two days to film with help from the Vermont Film Commission. It begins much like the opening sequence of the TV show, with the familiar theme song playing as Vermont's Homer chases a giant doughnut (actually an inner tube designed by a local graphic artist) through the town, causing mayhem wherever he goes. The townspeople chase after him until they are beckoned into the movie theater, where they sit down for the premiere of The Simpsons Movie.

    You can see all the short videos, state-by-state, here. The least we can do is support one of the most religious shows on TV (what other sitcom family do you know that goes to church on Sunday, prays, and features God in about every fourth episode?).