Monday, July 16, 2007

    Do you really want to be "On Fire for Jesus" ?

    Calvin over at Random Bloggings recently shared some excellent thoughts on what youth ministry should really be all about. An admitted "Jesus freak" in his teen years, he shares a little about his own spiritual growth and offers an honest assessment of what youth ministry sometimes is and what it could be. The whole post is a good read but here's my favorite part:

    Parents, pastors and elders want to see teens who are “on fire” for Jesus. That’s what they want the youth ministry to produce. Yet I am far less interested in making on fire Christians than I once was. Today I would rather seen teens who have a vibrant relationship with Jesus, yes - but who have also counted the cost of discipleship, realized that it is not easy, that God doesn’t always make sense, and that sometime life is down right dreadful. I want to disciple teens and help them realize that if someone says “shit!” that doesn’t mean that they are a less spiritual person than someone who doesn’t.