Friday, July 13, 2007

    Self-Serve Youth Ministry Blog Dispenser

    Freebie Friday: Tim over at the Life in Student Ministry blog is soliciting contributions to offer as part of his Freebie Friday posts. Send him a usable youth ministry resource and be put in a drawing for an iTUNES gift card.

    What happened to Dad? Dan suggests it might be time to rethink the way we approach ministry to families where it can no longer be assumed that dad is running things.

    Who took my notes! I'm a firm believer in preaching without notes, but it's not for everybody. Check out some great thoughts on "no notes preaching" along with other practical advice at the helpful Biblical Preaching blog.

    It's Coming! Fall will be here before we know it. Steve has some suggestions for things we ought to be doing now to get ready for the start of a new school year with youth.

    I can't believe he said that. Check out this posting of a video poking fun at Mark Driscoll for his comments on how the Church has become too "chick-ified." His is one of the more sexist and homophobic diatribes I've heard in awhile. More discussion of the video here.

    Make it Real!
    Here is an excellent post and discussion at Jesus Creed on how to bring a more "missional" approach to youth ministry that involves young people in regular and purposeful hands-on mission.


    Brody Harper said...

    Thanks for the link. Hopefully it won't get me beat up.... just kidding... I appreciate it.