Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    Too Young?

    Is youth ministry about making kids into disciples? Is it about teaching them the basics of faith? Is it about helping them to grow within a Christian community? Mike Yaconelli once wrote:

    Young people are too…well…young to be disciples.
    Apprentices? Of course. Beginners? Sure.
    Trainees? Interns? Absolutely.

    But not disciples.
    We've convinced adults and parents that we have a program that can produce disciples. We perpetuate the illusion that we can take 13-year-olds and make disciples out of them. We actually act as though we can transform a group of inconsistent, uncommitted adolescents into mature, committed disciples by spending an extra hour or two a week with them.
    Not possible.
    Are students capable of heroic acts? Absolutely! Can a 13-year-old
    be committed to Jesus? Yes, as long as we understand what we mean by committed.
    Can young people make a difference in the world? Of course they can, but we're
    still not talking about disciples.
    See full essay here.