Monday, July 02, 2007

    What If...

    Last week was our annual youth mission trip. Overall, the trip was a success. We gathered with 450 youth from around the country. Lives where changed, tears were shed, God was present, and we bonded as a group. I could spend several posts talking about all of the different aspects of a youth mission trip. But, then it happened. We returned home. And I think we are all, at least I know I am, coming down from the mission trip “high.”

    I wish every day could be a day full of inspirational actions and life-changing events. I wish every day (well, maybe not every single day) I could gather around the cafeteria tables with my youth and share a meal while listening to them share what is on their hearts and minds. I wish each night we could end with devotions.

    But what happens when you and your youth are all pumped up from mission trips, or camps, and you return to the real world? How do we keep our youth continually engaged and cognizant of the fact that how we behave during one week out of the year should be, most likely, the way we should behave throughout the entire year. Perhaps we need to spend more time recognizing the ways in which we practice our faith the other fifty-one weeks out of the year. I think Brian had a good point when he suggested that we need to encourage our youth to see that less is more. What if we spent a year doing a mission trip in our hometowns? What would our youth groups look like then?