Friday, July 13, 2007

    Who Are You?

    Ever notice how many introverts go into ministry? I'm certainly one of them. Outgoing at youth group and on Sunday morning, but I really like quiet time to myself in the office most of the week or meeting with students one-on-one rather than in the big group. I happened upon this cool on-line personality test via the sidebar of the Sacred Threshholds blog. My results seemed pretty accurate, though I have no idea how reliable this tool is. But the questions were interesting and the design and interface is pretty cool. According to the test, I am a:

    (move mouse over each color to see what they represent)


    Tim said...

    I'm pretty much the same way. I can be outgoing and switch into "youth pastor personality mode," but I also enjoy my own quiet time at home, too.

    Danny said...

    I took the quiz, came out "respectful idealist." Is it better to be respectful or considerate? What's the difference? Anyway, my "extraversion" color bar is so narrow, it's hard to see.