Thursday, July 05, 2007

    Who needs a youth ministry degree?

    Stuart has challenged all of us to a fight over whether or not youth ministry degrees are "stupid." What do you think? Writes Stuart:

    I think it’s flat stupid that that seminaries and colleges offer degrees and majors in Youth Ministry. I know you’ll probally tell me I’m crazy, but I think it’s dumb. What are your classes: Gross Games 101? How to have really edgy youth pastor hair 310? How to get stains off the sanctuary floor so the elders don’t get mad 420?


    diana said...

    i am an older youth worker with no schooling under my belt (besides seminars and conferences).

    although i feel like a lot of good youth ministry leadership comes from experience with a desire and willingness to learn, i think there are benefits from getting some education specific to youth ministry.

    there are many times i think it would make my job easier if i had learned more about youth in a classroom instead of in the field.

    the problem with some is that after they go to school/seminary, they feel like they know it all. there is still a lot to learn once you've left school and are a part of the reality of ministry to kids.

    Brian said...

    Good to hear from you, Diana. I consider myself and "older youth worker" too! I agree that not everything about youth ministry can be learned in the classroom OR "on the job." In the best of all worlds, we have a combination of both. That said, I think the most important quality we can have is to truly care about and want the best for the youth in our care. Training and education is great and necessary, but would ultimately not amount to much if we don't start with a foundation of passion for nuturing young people. I'm glad you've heard that call.