Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    Death to Veggie Tales?

    Here is a blogger rejoicing in throwing out all of the church's Veggie Tales videos. I can't tell exactly why this decision was made, but I applaud it. We should do the same at my church.

    In seminary we watched and dissected the Veggie Tales version of the Esther story. Our professor ripped it up one side and down the other, pointing out the blatant sexism and racism in the episode. I've also noticed how the Veggie Tales tend to sanitize the bibical narratives (see the one on the battle of Jericho). Singing tomatos are cute, but I doubt they do much to advance the mission of the church. Anybody want some cheap Veggie Tales videos?


    ld010591 said...

    I think this is utterly ridiculous. Veggie Tales are targeted, obviously, towards younger audiences-- not to the adults of a parish who can find flaw in everything if they tried.

    I also think it's ridiculous that you're wasting your time attacking little children's videos about the bible, as opposed to the real life issues of racism and sexism that go on blatantly in the real world. Find a better use for your time.

    Maybe I am, in part, offended by your statement because I grew up with Veggie Tales. Of course, now your opinion of me is biased because I am disagreeing with you. But I like to think that I grew up ok, and I am certainly not a sexist, racist pig. In fact, Veggie Tales always encouraged me to go home and try to do good deeds for the day.

    I doubt that the little kids are sitting there, thinking to themselves, "Oh how RACIST of that Carrot!" Seriously? Lighten up.

    You sound like the people who want to ban Harry Potter from schools. Let the children have their literature and their film, you had yours. I'm sure someone could find many flaws with the TV shows and movies and books that you grew up with.

    Really, bashing innocent vegetables? How Christian.

    ld010591 said...

    Oh, and by the way, YES, I would like some cheap Veggie Tales Videos so that when I have kids I can poison their minds with singing, dancing vegetables.

    you can contact me at:

    Greg Linscott said...

    I doubt that the little kids are sitting there, thinking to themselves, "Oh how RACIST of that Carrot!"

    You're right- but isn't that the point of the concern? If they were seeing the obvious flaws and distinguishing them as objectionable, it would be one thing.

    Some related food for thought in a panel discussion held earlier this year at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:


    In this discussion, Russell Moore make the point that he'd rather have his children watch Desperate Housewives than Veggie Tales. You should listen to hear his rationale...

    Brian said...

    Greg, thanks for the link. I will definitely have to check that out!

    Ld010591 - THanks for your comments. I have to admit that I've always been fond of the silly songs on the Veggie Tales. My first introduction to them was "Where in my hairbrush?" My concern is more the way they make serious biblical stories seem silly, too. And, I've never read a single Harry Potter book...but I've seen all the movies. Does that help? : )

    Danny said...

    Are your VeggieTales DVD or VHS? I love the spoof of Hamlet on the "Lyle the Kindly Viking" video.

    And don't we always sanitize Bible stories when we tell them to our children? How else could the story of Noah & the flood became a favorite for decorating church nurseries and children's rooms.

    Strangely enough, today I watched Mel Gibson's The Passion for the first time. Or rather, I watched part of it, then started fast-forwarding through various scenes, then finally turned it off alltogether. Yes, it probably was as violent and bloody as the movie depicts. Gibson's portrayal is probably more realistic than the calm, serene scenes of the passion that are in our children's Bibles. But even so, when my six year-old walked into the living room, I wouldn't let him watch.

    (Then there's the issue of how Gibson portrays the Romans, esp. Pilate, as GOOD and the Jews as EVIL, but that's a topic for another time.)

    Finally, do the first two comments really come from someone whose email is "squishedtomater?" :-)

    And, for what it's worth, I've read all 7 Harry Potter books, but haven't kept up with the newest VeggieTales videos.

    the only smart person here said...

    A few hours ago, I left what might have been the only intelligent paragraph ever posted to this site. It seems that it disappeared in less than an hour. Am I wrong, or do you only allow people who agree or kinda sorta mildly agree to disagree with you to post here?

    Let me ask you....are y'all just some ignorant billies of the hills running a substandard bible belt hick site from Kansas City, St. Louis, or someplace even worse? Now that I think of it, TWO of my posts were censored within an hour.

    For the record, I once passed through the DEEP SOUTH (Ohio or Alabama or whatever they call such places)about 22 years ago. You can thank me for forcing the harmful children's show "BIBLE BOWL" off the air while I was there. I'm trying to be nice, but every time you choose to delete one of my posts, I'll see to it that five questioning and/or lukewarm Christians will be driven away from The (nonexistent) Lord Jesus Christ. Believe me, it's easy. I meet these people online and hold them in reserve. If you delete this third post, 15 souls will burn in hell, and it will be your fault, not mine.

    It's your choice. If I'm mistaken, and you DIDN'T take my posts down, I humbly apologize. Just show them to me. Admittedly, I can't find the "Christian Satire" blog where I straightforwardly exposed Superstar Evangelist, KEN DAVIS, as a child and wife-beater. Please understand, though, THERE IS NO GOD. Is it your policy to fly into a violent rage and rip any post down that isn't in total agreement with your beliefs? Having been brought up as a god-fearing Christian, I know the drill. You ought to at least give somebody who would never dream of setting foot in your church a chance, though.

    Brian said...

    For the record, the above post by "the only smart person here" appears to have been posted for our amusement, as this person has never posted to this site before and seems to be on quite a tear about something, though I can't figure out what. We haven't deleted any posts in over a year, but we do reserve the right to delete posts which are anonymous (which "the only smart person here" certainly is) or that are insulting, derogatory, or just down right mean. We ARE trying to have a civilization here! Peace out, Brian

    Gunther81 said...

    TO "the only smart person here" i think that the reason that youre comments might not have been posted is because you do come on a little strong about you're beliefes. Plus, I know the kids at Brians churh and if they had it their way, they would just watch veggie tales through the whole sunday school and learn nothing.