Wednesday, August 22, 2007

    Faithless - BOMBS

    Another great song and video from the alt/techo group Faithless. A powerful statement on war. Apparently MTV refused to show this video. Wonder why...

    "We think we're heroes, we think we're kings
    We plan all kinds of fabulous things
    Oh look how great we have become

    Key in the door, the moment I've been longing for
    Before my bag hit the floor
    My adorable children rush up screaming for a kiss
    And a story they're a gift to this world
    My only claim to glory
    I surely never knew sweeter days
    Blows my mind like munitions
    I'm amazed

    So much heaven, so much hell
    So much love, so much pain
    So much more than I thought this world could ever contain
    So much war, so much soul
    One mans loss, another mans gold
    So much more than I thought this world can ever hold

    We're just children, we're just dust
    We are small and we are lost
    And we're nothing, nothing at all

    One bomb, the whole block gone
    Can't find me children and dust covers the sun
    Everywhere is noise, panic and confusion
    But to some another fun day in Babylon
    I'm gonna bury my wife and dig up my gun
    My life is done so now I got to kill someone. . . "


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