Monday, August 06, 2007

    What If? : Fall Kick-offs

    What if...instead of kicking-off youth group this fall with a huge, loud, action-filled event, designed to attract every teen in town and convince them that "Yes! Church is fun! Church is cool!" you instead thought "small?" What if you instead thought "quiet?" What if instead you thought "restful?" What if the first activity that starts off the new school year offers time for youth to break away from the constant noise and activity of their everyday world? What if you created an experience where deep relationship building can begin? What if you set the tone for the whole year by starting off with a mission project, focusing outward on the needs of others rather than inwards on the need to be entertained? What if your first gathering modelled contemplation, intentional listening and sharing, and thoughtful prayer rather than trying to compete with the distractions of popular culture? What if...?