Monday, September 10, 2007

    COOL IDEA: Connected Prayers

    Here's a cool idea we used at youth group this week after we were inspired by this. Invite youth to think of a word that represents a joy or concern they want to lift up in prayer. The word could be a feeling, a person's name, a place, etc. Have them write that word out (as creatively as they like) on a series of notecards, writing just one letter on each card. When ready, ask the youth to begin laying their words out on the floor "Scrabble-style," connecting their words, where possible, by using the letters of other people's words. Invite youth to explain the word they chose. Follow-up with a discussion of how we become connected spiritually as we lift up and share our prayers with one another.


    Randy said...

    Very nice. I like the visualized connective spirituality here.

    Jake said...

    I LOVE this idea! I stumbled on your blog and so far I like what I see... Just started my first youth ministry gig not to long ago.