Friday, September 14, 2007

    Creative Community-Building

    Last Sunday we invited the youth to create together a mural highlighting some of the foundational elements of youth group: friends, family, fellowship, and faith. With no prior planning, they were to begin painting the mural on a large canvas we had spread on the floor. The art was to be free-form: symbols, words, abstract images, color -- whatever came to mind that might help illustrate the themes. They were encouraged to add on to, or even paint on top of, each other's efforts as the mural took shape organically.
    Oh, and to add one more little wrinkle: we explained that to illustrate the way we each bring unique and special gifts to our ministry, each person was given something different to "paint" with on the mural. Some youth received brushes of all sizes, while others were given ladles, sponges, toothbrushes, or even used their hands or feet. The final product was quite "abstract," but most important was the process of working together as a community to dream about a shared vision of ministry together. This Sunday we'll spend a little time debriefing their efforts and then find a place of honor to hang the new mural in our youth room.


    Anonymous said...

    Man I loved murials, until I saw that one... ;-)