Friday, September 07, 2007

    Self-Serve Youth Ministry Blog Dispenser

    You showed THAT? Stuart has started an interesting discussion on just which movies are appropriate to show at youth group. Go add your suggestions.

    Why does he act that way? Dan is thinking outloud about the challenge of working with children diagnosed with AD/HD -- something every youthworker faces.

    Picture Perfect: Steve shares a fun activity using wacky photos of your youth that also offers an important teaching on God's love.

    Creative Worship: Looking for some ideas for simple hands-on experiences for use in youth worship or as prayer stations? Check out this creative list. Hattip to Calvin for highlighting these great suggestions.

    Help! The bloggers over at Rev Gal Blog (focusing on women in ministry) serve up some great advice and creative suggestions to a pastor struggling with keeping a youth program together with little help.