Friday, September 14, 2007

    Standing Up

    Have you heard that story, which has been passed around for years, about the boy going through chemo who loses all his hair? Embarrassed to return to school, he rides home from the hospital dreading the next day until he reaches home and is surprised to see all his friends -- and every single one of them has shaved their head! I'm fairly certain this story is apocryphal but now there comes a true-life version of this story: a high school boy is bullied by some homophobic students for wearing a pink t-shirt at school until other student's take action to show their solidarity. This story is a reminder of how Jesus did not just advocate for the outcasts but he became one of them. He ate with the tax collector, he touched the leper, he blessed children, he welcomed women into his midst. He hung out with all the wrong crowds and encourages us to do the same.


    Imogen said...

    Great story :)

    Just to let you know that the original story about the boys shaving their heads is true, it happened at St. John's College in Johannesburg, South Africa, 10 years ago. The boy was a friend of a friend.

    There was an advert for a major cancer charity in South Africa that ran for a couple of years based on a dramatization of the story.