Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    The War Over There....The War at Home

    This video from CNN of a group of soldiers in Iraq sharing their thoughts on the war features my nephew, Tyler, towards the end. I'm surprised how candid the soldiers are about the situation over there. It's easy to think of the war as an "issue" rather than a reality when it's happening on the other side of the globe to somebody else. This war became more real for me when Tyler enlisted and was sent over to Baghdad to serve as a paramedic.

    With so much discussion on Capitol Hill this week about the costs, rationale, and failure of the surge to buy time for political reconciliation, it's a good time I think to raise this issue of war again with our youth. Is there any such thing as a Christian approach to war? Does all that "love your enemies" stuff only apply to personal relationships or does it also encompass global conflict? How might we expect Jesus to ask us to think about armed combat? Is there a way to peace in all of this?