Monday, September 17, 2007

    What Does Your Group Do?

    Our recent poll asked which elements you include as part of your regular youth ministry programming. Here are the results in descending order:
    1. Bible study
    2. Topical Discussions
    3. Music/Singing
    4. Social Action/Mission Projects
    5. Competitive Activities
    6. Art Projects
    7. Sexuality Education
    8. Contemplative Practices
    9. Quiet Time

    Some surprises: I would have expected "competitive activities" to be higher on the list but relatively few of you reported including these in your regular program (which I applaud! In many ways I find competition anathema to my understanding of the Kingdom of God). Relatively few of you reported providing sexuality education. Is this perhaps because we think the schools are doing the job for us, or because it's hard to find good curriculum on the subject? (See Jacob's related post on this issue here) And the bottom two, "contemplative practices" and "quiet time" barely registered in the poll. Hmmm. I wonder that those two might actually need to be at the top of our lists, not the bottom! (Need some ideas on how to do this? See here.)


    yes2justice said...

    The UUs and UCCers have a great age-approcpriate, comprehensive sexuality education curriculum" Our Whole Lives". I'd highly recommend it:

    Brian said...

    Thanks so much. This looks like a great resource. Just in time for me, too, as we are planning a sexuality retreat for a month or so from now.