Friday, October 05, 2007

    Book Review: Worship Feast

    Perhaps you are familiar with the Worship Feast series of books which offer all sorts of great ideas for doing multisensory and contemplative worship with youth (the ideas are also applicable to congregational worship). One book in the series I particularly love is Worship Feast: 100 Awesome Ideas for Postmodern Youth. The text begins with some info on postmodern worship followed by some basic suggestions such as "Make the Seating Arrangement Say 'We're a Community!'", "Celebrate Mystery", "Change Constantly", and "Be Multisensory." Next, the text offers a host of creative worship ideas in a variety of categories: Visuals (e.g. Create a Community Altar), Tastes and Smells (e.g. Bake bread in Worship), Sounds (e.g. Listen to Running, Living water), Touch (e.g. Drum Your Prayers), and Movement (e.g. Host a Scavenger Hunt Worship Experience).

    You likely will not use or like all the ideas in this little book, but there is plenty here to spur your creativity and that of your youth in developing meaningful worship that engages the whole self.


    gavin richardson said...

    being a writer/contributor for the worship feast series, i'd agree with you on your assessment on the worship book. it is good for those that have no idea how to start getting into experiential worship, or outlining worship. if one does have some experience with that, or a level of comfort, i'd suggest trying out the "ideas" and "rituals" books.