Tuesday, October 02, 2007

    The Discipline of Running

    For me, running is a spiritual discipline. When I run, all I can focus on (most likely because I’m always out of shape) is my hard breathing and the goal for the day (of course, I also like to look at the great scenery). But, seriously, running calms my mind and helps alleviate some of the everyday stresses.

    I try to encourage my youth to do some sort of exercise—swimming, running, biking, walking—and also see it as a spiritual discipline. In a society where obesity is a rapidly growing problem (no pun intended) it’s important for our kids to find a way to simply get out of the house and do some physical exertion. There’s all sort of benefits to exercise. Sometime soon, I may use this article as a discussion starter for youth group. This monk is serious about running.



    Danny said...

    Today was a beautiful day here in California for my 3-mile run around the recently harvested rice fields! I too run for physical as well as spiritual exercise, and have written about it a number of times on my own blog. My number one rule: it has to be outside. No treadmills for me!