Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    A Great Youth Ministry Disaster!

    And you think you've made mistakes. Michael, author of the Over-Educated Youth Pastor Blog, has graciously shared a story of an amazing youth ministry blunder he made in his early years of youth ministry involving a camping trip that he was lucky to survive. Read part one here and part two here. Oh, and for more self-flagellation, check out this great post on a sermon blunder he made many years ago. Reading these is a great reminder that we all make mistakes in ministry, some of them will be doozies, and yet there is grace. Besides all that, this relatively new blog has some very thoughtful posts on ministry, youth, planning ahead, and life in general.


    Jacob said...

    What a great story to share! Glad to hear everyone survived (at least I think everyone survived). We all make mistakes. The real test is finding the courage to admit our mistakes and recognize that we are definitely not always the one in control.

    Michael said...

    Thanks for the traffic guys. It's nice to see that my early pathetic attempts at youth ministry evoke some sympathy. :)