Friday, October 26, 2007

    Hell House documentary: Take 2

    Here is another excerpt from the fascinating documentary "Hell House" which chronicles a church youth program's yearly efforts to create a "Christian" version of a haunted house. This is scary in more ways than one.


    Katana said...

    If you'll notice, they DID say that there are alot of women leads - so there are alot of women depicted as going to hell. It's the whole Eve thing....

    Ah, and Brian, it's not necessarily that you're a chauvenist, it's more the fact that society feels that the solution to rape is to lock up their daughters (partially out of protectiveness) because of the philosophy that "boys will be boys" or "men are dogs". It's chauvenistic, and also sexist against men (and maybe even specist against dogs).

    Good to know that there are ministers out there that aren't thrilled about Hell House and the fear tactics.

    Brian said...

    FYI: Katana is responding to my post on her blog about the movie "Hell House." She observed the chavenism inherent in the film -- the female character is seen as a sinner for being gang raped and molested, but no depiction is made of any condemnation of the men who abuse her.