Saturday, October 13, 2007

    Hell House

    With Halloween approaching, my thoughts turn to this fascinating documentary "Hell House." This film looks at a part of Christian subculture that I just find disturbing. The documentary chronicles the efforts of a church youth group to create their own version of a haunted house -- complete with scenes of a girl having an abortion, a gay teen with AIDS going to hell, a girl being drugged at a rave and being raped (that's what you get for being bad!), unsaved folk writhing in the fires of damnation -- well, you get the idea. It really is a great film -- like a car wreck, it's hard to turn away even though it is disturbing.


    Iron-Man said...

    Do these types of Hell House really exist?? How sad that Christians cannot take the message of love that Christ gave so many times and run with it. Instead, it is often a message of intolerance and hatred.

    bridge student ministries said...

    Lets see what are they putting the focus on? Sure doesn't seem like Jesus... When Jesus spoke of hell, he did not get enjoyment from it, try to shock, or use it as scare tactic. Seems as though they are just scaring the hell out of people.

    Dan said...

    Yes, these things do exist. It's no different tactic than Jack Chick uses.

    It's crap.

    But, I'm rather surprised at a Hell House omission. I've always been told by folks like these that people like us are just liberals who are going to hell, too. Why don't they have a room full of liberal mainline preachers in their Hell House?

    Brian said...

    What's most fascinating about the documentary is how excited the youth and adults get about putting on their "Christian" version of a haunted house. One girl is estatic that this is the year she finally gets to play the teen having an abortion. For an event that focuses so much on people going to hell, they all seem to be having just a little too much fun.