Friday, October 26, 2007

    I Am the Church

    Here is a creative idea from the "Love in the Key of Longbrake" blog that has lots of possibilities. Joshua invited readers to send in a photo of themselves that included, in some way, the message "I am the church." He received many responses and the variety of people in the photos is cool. Joshua utilized the photos for a public talk and others have since used them in various presentations.

    Imagine inviting your youth to collect these kinds of photos. They could take images of themselves, family members, or friends. They could collect images of people in the church. They could solicit photos from friends around the world on Facebook or MySpace. They could even make an "I am the church" sign and go out in public, inviting people to have their photo taken with the sign (I saw a cool site where a church actually set up a makeshift booth in public where people could sit inside on a chair and be videotaped, or in this case, photographed, perhaps with a Polaroid camera). Then the images could be collected and used as part of a PowerPoint presentation with music in worship, as a piece of performance art, as a bulletin board display, a website page, an art installation for your youth room, or whatever else your creative brains might be able to come up. I think youth might enjoy the challenge of helping to depict the diversity of the church. Perhaps to be a little more provocative, you could have them do the project using the phrase "Am I the Church?" Might open up some very interesting conversation! See more photos from the project below: