Monday, October 15, 2007

    CREATIVE WORSHIP: Postcards to God

    This past Sunday I preached on the story of Jesus and the ten lepers. The focus for the message was on giving thanks for life's blessings. I strive, whenever possible, to provide an interactive component to my sermons as a way for the listener to personally respond to the good news. For this particular sermon, I invited the congregation to respond by writing a "postcard" to God (an earlier part of the sermon included a story about a woman who wrote a letter to God). Each person came forward and selected a postcard with images that connected with them in some way or they selected a blank postcard and created their own image. They then wrote a prayer of thanks on the back of the card. Some of these prayers were poems, some litanies, lists, or even diagrams and drawings. All postcards were then hung on a clothesline of sorts over the communion table to symbolize lifting our thanks to God. Later that evening, we continued this activity at youth group, with the youth creating their own postcards to God. We were even able to provide an opportunity for the teens to share aloud their prayers with the group. This is a simple, non-threatening, reflective activity that taps into verbal-linguistic and visual-spatial intelligences as a way of exploring spirituality.

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    What an awsome way to express creative worship!